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# Visit OmicronLab homepage to know about "Avro Keyboard Standerd Edition 4.5.1"(10.7 MB). Download it now.
  • You may use a Portable Avro Keyboard. Download.
Use Avro Keyboard for unicode layout based typing.

You might like a Avro Converter 0.6.0 to convert your older documents to newer unicode format.
Visit this link to know full information about Avro keyboad.

# Visit Akkhorbangla to know more about unicode typing. It might support 'Windows 98'. Download the freeware software Akkhorbangla. The built in facilities of this software are Akkhor Word Processor, Akkhor Bangla Keyboar, Bangla Calendar, Unicode Converter etc. You can also download Akkhor Tools (size: 21.68 MB). It has Akkhor english to bangla translator, Typing tutor and Bangla porua.

# Try Shabdik. It is a phonetic typing system. It has many features.
  • 1. Don't need to memorize any keyboard layout.
  • 2. Dictionary based automatic hint.
  • 3. Built in dictionary with more then 100000 Bangla words.
Shabdik use Microsoft dotnet framework version 1.1
Download Microsoft dotnet framework.
Download Shabdik 6.0.1 (3.1 MB) (Current version).
You can download a version which is integrated with Microsoft dotnet framework.
Download Shabdik 5.0.1 (31.6 MB).
You can get Shabdik as a Firefox add-ons.
Click here to install the Shabdik add-on for Firefox.

# Try Lekho. It is a multi platform Bangla unicode editor. Lekho is a "plain text" editor designed to take in phonetic input from a standard US keyboard and convert (transliterate) it online into bangla text. It will work on Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP and even Linux.

# Mac OS X users should visit EKUSHEY Homepage for more information. Ekushey have some essential software and for unicode Bangla typing in Mac OS X. It also support Windows 2000, XP, vista.

# Visit CRBLP (Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing) to get many Unicode Bangla related software.
  • CRBLP Converter is a software package to convert various TTF encoded Bangla documents to Unicode encoding. Download converter
  • BanglaPad is an open source, full-featured cross-platform Unicode rich text editor capable of editing Bangla that can run on different operating systems, like Windows, Linux/Unix. Download Banglapad
  • BanglaOCR is the Optical Character Recognizer for Bangla Script. Download Bangla OCR
  • English to Bangla Transliteration (Pata). Download Pata

# Banjon is a context sensitive input method (transliterator) primarily for Bangla (Bengali) Language. It is designed to analyze the pattern and context of input character sequences and generate output characters based on a predefined encoding script.
  • Get information and download from here.

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