How to View Unicode Bangla in Puppy Linux

  • Paste your favotite fonts in usr\share\fonts folder. (Select and drug is the easiest way in Puppy Linux to copy anything). Install Bijoy fonts in this folder in same way. You can view any document (*.doc) files written in Windows by Bijoy.
  • 'usr' folder is hidden. To view this folder click on the 'eye' icon on menu bar.
  • Restart X Server from shutdown menu.
  • Now you can able to view Bangla in Puppy Linux.
  • Click here to Download 'Unicode Bangla Fonts'
  • Use Firefox for viewing unicode Bangla properly in Puppy Linux. Use default 'Download Manager' to get 'Firefox' for Puppy Linux. You may download my uploaded 'Firefox 3.0' from here.
[#} Download Firefox for Puppy Linux (Size: 6.7MB) It is a .pet file. Double click it to install.

Visit "How to write unicode Bangla in Puppy Linux" page to configure Puppy system to write unicode Bangla.

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