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Are you annoying that you are in cybercafe which has no Bangla font installed. Don't worry anymore. Use Banglasavvy- The Virtual Bangla Font. Read the article below carefully.

Banglasavvy is a Virtual Unicode Bangla Font Installer for Windows XP/2000/98/NT. It will let you install ‘Bangla Font’ virtually to any system regardless of Administrator privilege. That means when you have limited access to some PC and do not have permission to install anything including fonts, this tool will be very handy then.

# Just download and run.

# The application will extract ‘Likhan’ font to the same folder for the first time and virtually Install the font; It also set the ‘Likhan’ as your default Bangla locale font for IE (Internet Exorer). A ‘Icon’ will be added to the ’systray’ of your system.

# Close all open window. Rerun, your application will see the ‘Likhan’ font and it will be usable while the banglasavvy.exe running.

# Right click on the system tray Icon and select ‘Exit’ if you wants to close this Bangla tools.

No Installation will be required to run the application on Windows XP. It will also works on Windows 98/ME/2000 if there is Visual Basic Runtime files installed.

Remember that as long as BanglaSavvy runs in system tray, a virtual font is available for you.

You may need to download Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Files (SP6) - For running Banglasavvy in Windows 98/ME/2000.
Click here to download Vusual Basic 6.0 Runtime Files (SP6)

Download Banglasavvey

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