How to Install Unicode Bangla Fonts on Windows and Ubuntu Linux

How to install Unicode Bangla fonts in Windows

The easiest method is -
  • Copy all fonts and Paste them into windows > font folder.
  • or
  • Click Fonts on Control panel.
  • Click 'Install new fonts' from file menu > select your fonts folder > select all >
  • Click Ok.

How to install Unicode Bangla fonts in Ubuntu?
  • Click on 'Places' in upside menu.
  • Go to 'Home folder'.
  • Make a folder and named it .fonts (a single dot befor name 'fonts'. (It is a hidden folder.)
  • Paste unicode Bangla fonts on '.fonts' folder.
  • Restart computer, now your installed fonts are active.
Download Unicode Fonts
  • Download a single font named 'AdorshoLipi'. It is my favourite font. Download .7z file (size: 116.7 KB)
  • or
  • A zip file (size: 144.4 KB)

Click here to visit this page to Download Font archives. All are smaller file. Easy to download. Faster download on slower internet line.

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