How to write Bangla in Ubuntu Linux?

  1. Go to System>Administration>Synaptic Package manager
  2. Give password
  3. In search box write 'm17n'. On result select 'm17n-db' and 'scim-m17n'. Mark them to install (Left click on the name and select 'mark for install'), Now click 'Apply'. Synaptic Package Manage will install this 2 package.
  4. Now go to System> Preferences> SCIM Inpute Method Setup
  5. In 'SCIM Inpute Method Setup' window, Select 'Global Setup' and click on 'Disable All'
  6. Now mark only 'bn-unijoy' click 'Apply' and 'OK'
  7. Restart computer. 'SCIM Inpute Method Setup' will start automaticaly on next login
  8. Open any text editor press 'Alt+Spacebar' at same time. Your computer is ready to write unicode Bangla.
  9. Write in 'Unijoy Bangla' keyboard mode in your Ubuntu Linux.
  10. You may select 'Bengali-bn-unijoy' manualy by mouse on the right side of upper menu.
  11. A popup window will open when you change key board layout between English and Bangla
Download Bangla packages for Ubuntu (Updated 09 july 2009. Size: 2.6 MB). You can find everything you need to write Bangla in Ubuntu (any version). Unzip the archive file into a folder. Double click all the .deb files. After install all the files restart your computer.

Click here to Download Bangla Packages for Ubuntu (Size: 2.6MB)

If this package does not work for you, then you may use this package. Download an another complete package. It has Bangla font support for Ubuntu (any version).
Click here to Download SCIM for Ubuntu Package (Size: 2.8 MB ).

Visit "How to view Bangla in Ubuntu"page to know methods to view clear Bangla in Ubuntu Linux.

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